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Future, 2154. Humanity has been divided into two classes. Wealthy people live clean, on a space station, where life is overflowing with comfort and carelessness. At the same time, the rest live in the destroyed territory of the Earth. The current ruler is ruthless, so he created a series of laws against immigrants in order to provide a luxurious life only to the rich. But a loser named Max is destined to change this order of things, as the film Elysium: Heaven is not on Earth will tell.

The story takes the viewer to the distant future, where the planet has been irreparably damaged by wars and diseases, and among its inhabitants there are only the doomed. The entire elite moved to an open space station, providing ideal conditions for both maintaining an immortal and healthy life, and living itself. People from the lower strata are not allowed here, and, moreover, they are not provided with medical equipment.

The protagonist of the picture is an orphan, and he has a criminal past behind him. The place of his work was a plant for the creation of equipment that destroys earthlings who have crossed the law. And now, when, due to inequality, he falls under radiation, his future fate becomes a big question. He has no more than five days to live in this world, and instead of help from his superiors, he receives a dismissal. Realizing that he has practically no chance left, he decides to enter into a deal with a gangster and turn this world upside down. How he succeeds, it will become clear if you start watching online Elysium: Heaven is not on Earth.

The main advantage of the film, of course, can be considered a magnificent and unique plot. The unique presentation, style, vision - all this can captivate the viewer from the very first minutes. Neill Blomkamp's previous grandiose project was District 9, in which he also acted as both director and screenwriter. In his films, certain problems of the modern world are very clearly expressed, and in fact they can really develop into something similar over time. Therefore, the necessary line is brought to the end of the picture, and with it the moral. Fans of this genre may like to watch online on indofilm as Elysium: Heaven not on Earth.